Monday, October 31, 2011

1 Year

It is hard to believe that it has been one year since we started our journey. One year ago today, Aubree was in emergency surgery getting a central line placed on a holiday, and it was Sunday. Yesterday was her one year mark of when she was diagnosed. Its bitter sweet to remember, but how much easier this time is because she is here with us and almost done with treatment all together. We have about 3 more months of medications to give, we have doctor appointments once every 4 weeks. We almost feel normal again. We are excited to be able to go trick -or-treating this year, my children are so excited! Aubree loves candy and loves getting candy in her pumpkin. It is going to be a great day!

Friday, October 7, 2011


Aubree is doing so good, the Doctors even moved her weekly visits to every three weeks! Its nice not to have to go every week. She also has only 5 more weeks left on her rejection drug and then her immune system can try to get back to normal and then we can get back to being more normal. But our life is really getting back to normal, Aubree can go outside and play and she loves it. She is walking now and so she is every where! A couple of weeks ago she decided to follow Nelson to the bathroom, but he didnt want her in there with him, so he slammed the door, never a good thing! It cut into her finger, so we got to go and visit the ER. I was at my friends house without Nelson, and so she watched Nelson and Aundrea while one of her friends rushed me and Aubree over to Primaries. We stayed there most of the night, but we didnt have to stay over! Her thumb looks really good now, she may get a nail back someday, but she can use it. It was a weird knowledge to know that the blood that was coming out of her fingers was Nelson's. The body is amazing! Aubree is amazing, she wasnt given any pain medication for her thumb for over 4 hours, and during that time she did so good, she would even laugh at me sometimes! She also had to get an IV in the other had so she couldnt use either of them for awhile, but they had to give her a big dose of IV antibiotics right away so she didnt get a huge infection. Here is a video of her after it was all done and she was just feeling good, I just laugh at her every time I see her so "high".