Thursday, November 10, 2011

No more Cyclosporine!

Most days are starting to feel normal. Aubree is doing just what she should do for her age. Nelson and Aubree fight all the time, but then are best of friends. She is starting to climb everything, I found her on my desk one day, and gets really excited when bubble guppies come on. But then things happen and I remember just how not normal she is. For the past 6 months I have had to give her medication around the clock. This last couple of weeks it has only been twice a day. I have only forgotten to give her medications to her I think three times. That is huge for me, but the one drug that if forgotten to be given is no more. Aubree took her last dose of Cyclosporine, (her rejection drug for her bone marrow transplant), on Tuesday this week. She is still on two medications for another three months, but we can handle that.
This last week we found out that one of the families that we went through treatment with has relapsed. This has really affected me, she had a sibling bone marrow transplant, and will have to have another transplant. When you go through transplant you think its a cure for the cancer, but this has made me realize that its not. That we could be going through it all over again, and I cant even imagine that. To know what we were in for and how long and the emotional toll it took on all of us. I would be devastated. So pray for sweet Brielle, she is the sweetest 8 year old.