Thursday, September 20, 2012

Curesearch Walk 2012

I made this video for an assignment for a class this spring. But with the curesearch walk coming up next weekend, I thought I would post it and hope that it would help inspire people to donate to the cause. Curesearch is the best orginization to donate to for childhood cancer. These kids deserve and need more. Join Aubrees team and walk with us, or just donate because its a great cause.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Echo results

I don't know why but I never said that Aubrees echo was good. She doesn't seem to have any damage done and has a perfect heart. The only thin that concerned me was that they thought she still had her line in, I don't know if that is scar tissue or what that means, but I don't think it's anything that I need to be concerned about.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Echo cardio gram

Aubree had an echo cardio gram done today. I was really nervous about it because the chemo could damage valves in her heart. We went in bright and early at 7 am, which I prefer, and got ready for some sedation. Thats why I like the early time if she can't eat. She was a trooper, she did everything that was asked, and it's funny cause she knows what to expect, when she was getting weighed she asked for her Cheetos, and I was sad cause she had to wait till we got to Oncology not Cardiology since that is where she was being sedated. The dr pulled out the stethoscope and she stood up tall and still for them to listen to her and held out her finger for her pulse ox, and got right up on the scale.I didn't think with her starting treatment so early that she would remember how to do all that stuff but I guess we go enough still that she remembers just what to do. Today she got a wagon ride to clinic since she had been sedated, she was to loopy still to be able to walk, and she tries but couldn't quite stay up right, so we laid her down. On the way home she threw up, this is the first time ever she has thrown up after sedation, I was on the freeway so I got to stop and let her finish and then she fell asleep. She has been asleep since and must really be out of it since its been three hours. I'm sure she will feel better when she wakes up and gets some food in her!