Thursday, October 11, 2012

Cure Search Walk

These are the pictures from the Curesearch walk this year. Aundrea's really good friend from the U and her family came and joined us this year. It was so nice to have someone there to walk with.  It was just me and the kids this year. Nelson had drill that day because it was governors day and you cant get out of drill when the governor is addressing his troops. I also got to see some good friends that we went through treatment with. It was so nice to see them again. Up above is Aubree and Andrew, they look so good! It was a successful day for the walk and in a way I am sad that my life did not permit me to help out more.
Thank you to who ever it was that came up and took a picture of Aubree for me! With three kids in a large crowd I was not able to take many pictures, and Aubree was on a role that day and didnt want me to take her picture. So I am very thankful that someone saw her and came and took her picture, and when I was trying to get all three kids behind the poster, that someone came up and offered to take the picture for me! You can see in that picture just how much they did not want to take pictures. I have many things that I can say about the walk but they are not good, and this was a good cause so I will not say them. Maybe if I decide to participate next year I will have a better experience. I dont want to sound like a brat, and if I said all the bad things then I would and it would take away from all the good that was done that day and the children that are and have gone through cancer.

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