Monday, August 22, 2011

Last Week Doctors Visit

I have been meaning to write but life is so crazy busy that I havent had time. With school starting and my two oldest starting school and then to have Aubree have her own schedule on top of Nelson and my school schedule. We just started today so it should be just crazy from now till December! Aubree is doing good, they took her off of her antibiotic and her anti fungal last week. They are also allowing us to try an oral magnesium, and if all goes well then she will be IV free, and could get her line out. But I am not sure how likely that is going to be. She is getting major diariha from the magnesium, so my guess is they will put her back on the IV mag. But they also started her ween on her rejection drug. They did a pretty big drop and are having her taking it only two times a day instead of three! I am loving not having to get up at 6 am to give it to her. They did this because her kidneys are having a hard time and she has very high potassium levels in her blood. They hope with taking her dose down that her kidneys will do better, I am not sure what they will do if they are still having a hard time this week. I have nightmares of her kidneys failing and then we having to decided if Nelson would give her a kidney. We already now he's a perfect match from the last donation he made to save her life. I am just crossing my fingers that her levels go down and all is good!
My emotions are always just right under the surface and are always there and I seem to cry all the time at anything. I always cry when reading others blogs, I cried when I read about my friend receiving a bed! But my heart is broken today as I heard the news of another child loosing her battle. I was talking to my mom today and she asked what was going on and told her I couldn't read his blog because it is to hard. It is such a reality and a possibility for me. But my thoughts are with this family. I met them only once and their story has touched me. The parents were married at Primary Childrens so that their son could attend and he was inpatient. She is pregnant and he will never meet his sister. He had only weeks to live after finding out on a routine MRI that he had relapsed. He was 7, and he was loved!


  1. I think I saw a video about him during the Primary's fund-raiser that you did the 5K for? It's ALWAYS so sad to hear about situations like that ending in death, but I can imagine that it REALLY hits home for you. If you ever need a shoulder to cry on, I'll always understand. You are welcome to call or come over any time. Wish we were still walking. Dang busy schedules. Maybe we can try to work in a walk once a week or something.

  2. I was wondering if I could use a picture of Aubrey for a video I am making for Childhood cancer awareness month. If that is Ok I could just take one off your blog. My e-mail is
    Thanks, Polly