Monday, December 5, 2011


I dont know that anyone really reads this blog anymore with Aubree doing so good. But that doesnt bother me, I started this blog to help me put down my feelings. To help me deal with what our family is going through. At times, I believe, it was a way to get information out to a lot of people. With that said, tonight is a night that I am just need to write.
Tonight I learned of another child that has relapsed. I dont know them personally, but they did end treatment a month before Aubree was diagnosed. It makes me scared, my heart hurts for these people, but there is also fear for Aubree. But not only Aubree, there are so many other children that I have got to know that I think what if. I know that she will be ok, what else can I tell myself? But the what if's always sneak in, I dont know that I could do it again. I am just glad that I have so much to do, that I dont have a ton of time to think about it, but I still do.....

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  1. I still read it...obviously. :) That's got to be a scary thought. If you'd known the first time what was going to happen you would probably think the same thing. I still don't know how you've done and gone through all that you have. You are an inspiration. And Aubree is an inspiration and hope to a lot of families who have just been diagnosed, too. I can't even imagine.