Wednesday, June 22, 2011

100 days!

Aubree went in for her 100 day bone marrow biopsy yesterday. Her 100 day mark was officially June 18th. The will be looking at her bone marrow and seeing how much is her's and how much is Nelsons. We hope that all of it is Nelson's since Aubree's marrow makes leukemia. We will find out the results next week when we meet with the doctors unless its bad new then we will here before. So lets hope to hear on Wednesday.
She is doing really good at home. She gets into everything around here. She is right on track for her age. Opening cupboards and pulling everything out, putting everything in her mouth. She keeps us busy. We are concentrated on getting her walking so that her hands arent all over the dirty floor. She still is not eating at all, she was drinking out of a sippy for a couple of days but that excitement as worn off and she is back to getting most everything through her feeding tube. It could be a very long road before she eats again, she just is not interested at all. But talking to people who have gone through chemo say that it messes with your taste buds and nothing sounds or tastes good and it takes awhile to wear off. So maybe when that does things will start to taste good and she will want more.
I was reading somewhere about childhood cancer statistics and here are some. 35 children per DAY are diagnosed with cancer, 1 out of 4 will not survive, 4 out of 5 that do survive will experience late effects from their treatment. Its hard to believe that on the same day that Aubree was diagnosed that 34 other families went through it with us. That was a horrible day for us, but so many others had a horrible day with that news also. If you look at my blog list I have I think 6 blogs linked there, two of those Angles did not make it, this is why I want to start to contribute to the fight to get help with research. There are things that can be done, and people are trying to find a cure, or just better treatment with better odds. But they need money to do it. This is why I am walking on July 9th with Curesearch. That organization gives 95% of what they make to the research of childhood cancer! Please join or donate to team Aubree!


  1. congrats on 100 days! i know it's been a long, long road (and it'll still be), but yay for such a landmark. we'll be praying for good results.

  2. My dad went through the taste thing after his bypass surgery. It was about a month before he could eat more than plain toast, or other really bland foods. They sounded good, but then tasted gross or metallic. We learned in school that zinc deficiency effects your ability to taste (like in smokers), but I don't know if that plays a role in this process.