Wednesday, June 29, 2011

100 day test results

Today was a busy day. Aubree had a CT scan as a follow up this morning for when she had lung nodules back in December. We then went to clinic and met with the Doctors to find out what her test results showed from last week.
For the most part they were all good. Her bone marrow showed that it was all Nelsons! YEA! Her blood under the microscope was clear of the Leukemia. They also did an even more sensitive test and that showed 0.02% that might be blasts. Since she is on her rejection drug and the steroids they are not sure if they are AML cells or not. They will probably repeat the test later on when she is off her rejection drug for a couple of months to see if these increase and if they can tell for sure what they are. She will not be off her rejection drug for another 4 months though so no use in stewing over the .02. They arent worried enough to try to hurry and get her off of her drugs to see so that is good.
The other thing that we found out is that she will probably be on her rejection drugs for at least another 4 months. That means no problems at all, and that just hasnt been the case for us, so probably longer. She will need her central line till she is off them also, because her body isnt very effective in absorbing magnesium because of the rejection drug, so she gets magnesium every night through her line.
They did start her taper again on her steroids so that is good. Also her red blood counts are normal and her hemoglobin is in normal range finally. We are still waiting for the platelets to be in normal range but they seem to go up every week. Her white count is "normal" but its not really, the steroids kind of screw it up and make it look high when its not. So that is all really good news!
We are so excited that she is doing so good. We are so happy with her results, and kind of bumbed that she has to have another bone marrow biopsy later, but we will take all the good news that we can get!


  1. Oh geesh, what a mixed bag... That's fantastic that Nelson's marrow took over--yaay!!! We'll be praying that those blasts are just normal myelocytic or lymphocytic blasts in the marrow, and nothing serious! Or that if they are, that nelson's marrow can take care of it! We're all better over here, so anytime you want to play let me know!

  2. Yeah that is such good news. I am so excited for you.

  3. Hooray for some good news! We pray that the road will get easier for you guys and we'll be praying that things look good at the next biopsy!

  4. Good to hear, Autumn! Glad the results came back good. We're praying that she just keeps getting better. We're excited for the walk this week!