Wednesday, June 1, 2011

No central line

Aubree had her central line taken out today. They were very nice to take her at noon instead of 8 pm tonight. I was not looking forward to having a starving child today, and I was kind of sad that she wouldnt be able to dig into a cake, but now she can. Getting her central line out isnt so bad if she doesnt need it anymore. Her line goes into her chest into a major vein right into her heart. The tip of it ends about 3 inches from her heart. This makes giving medications more efficient because it goes right to all of her body at once. Also its a double lumen meaning there are two spots to put medications into that are not compatible with each other. If you get two drugs together that shouldnt be the drugs the drugs could solidify in her line. (one example) This makes things much easier when giving her many medications at once. When she was going through transplant they almost needed three entry points into her body because of everything that she was getting at one time.

The bad thing about her getting it out is that she still needs it. You can draw blood out of the central line. This means that Aubree does not have to be poked a couple times a day for her labs on her blood. You can not draw blood out of an IV. This means that for the next couple of days Aubree will be poked multiple time a day. That means more pain for her, not to mention the pain from the IV in her foot, and the extra pain that she is having due to the infection in her body. One so small should NEVER have to go through this much pain. I always feel so bad when I have to rip the badage off her face to put a new one on for the NG tube, her face is so hairy right I can only imagine how painful it is.

She can not go with out a central line which means another one will have to be placed in the next couple of days. This means another surgery, that will have the surgeons cutting into another vein close to her heart. Plus more anesthesia. Every time you get put to sleep there are risks involved. This time when she woke up she was breathing fast and they had to do more than usual to make sure that she was breathing ok. What that was I dont know, I didnt ask not wanting to know what they had to do. I know that wasnt the best choice but I can only process so much.

The worst is that she is getting all this done on her birthday. I know she is only 1 and wont remember all of this but its a day that we should be celebrating her birth not having to do procedures to save her life. If we kept the line in the bacteria would have just kept infecting her growing resistant to the antibiotics, making it hard to clear her of the infection. My hope is that tomorrow the blood that they take will not have bacteria in it still, and that we can go home soon.

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  1. Oh my goodness Autumn I'm so so sorry you have to go through this!! There were a couple of days we had to go without a line, and my only advice is this--don't stay in the room when she has to be poked. Be away and out of the picture, then when they're done, go in and "save" her. I really wish I had done this with Andrew. When he was being poked a dozen times a day in PICU, I lost his trust because he no longer felt safe with me. This way, she knows she'll always be safe when she's with you. Better yet, always have a safe zone like a room or something where she knows she's always safe. Anyway, we're thinking about you guys all the time, hoping you'll get to go home soon!!