Saturday, April 2, 2011

Day +23

Aubree is still doing good. Her ANC is still at 100, its been that way for a week. She is still eating the about the same, so no real changes. We had hoped that she would have engrafted already, she needs her ANC to be 500, but her body could just be trying to heal its self and using up all of her nuetrophils. She is getting platelets everyother day now, and she doesnt need whole blood anymore. So she is slowely getting better. My thoughts are with Kim Nelson's family, I never got to meet her, but all the nurses talked about her. She was an amazing person! I love you Julie, thanks for the example of faith and love and strength you have shown!!!

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  1. Autumn just keep going! We love you and can't wait for this fight to get easier. All our love-Brandi