Sunday, July 17, 2011

Cure Search 2011

Aubree with her face painting
Nelson as a tiger.
Rachel and Me with Mikhael and Aubree. We went through treatment together.
Releasing the white balloons for those children who did not make it. A very sweet moment.
On stage with other children who have had cancer.
Our shirts that we made

The back of your shirt if you were a girl.

Our friend Erin, she was in treatment with AML when Aubree was diagnosed.

Our team minus a few people who got lost in the crowd.

Our friend Liz who took many of these pictures for me. Her son Jacob is in the middle of treatment with AML. Her son was at the hospital that day. Jacob has Monosomy 7 like Aubree and will receive a bone marrow transplant from his 3 year old brother. This family is inspiring!

Rachael Steele, her room was right next door to ours when Aubree was diagnosed. She was going through her bone marrow transplant and so we always had the same nurses. We were able to watch her fight, and it gave us hope.

We were able to participate in the first Cure Search Walk held here in Salt Lake City. I am so glad that I decided to make a team and go. It was such a special experience for me. First we were able to watch as people so generously gave to our cause. I was so touched by my cousin who with in a couple of hours of my first post signed up and donated money besides just paying her walk fee. A week before the walk I noticed that she has raised more money. I later found out that her children had lemonade stands and gave the money they earned to the walk. I am so touched by her love and involvement in Aubree's cause. Her whole family is amazing. There were so many other people who gave and then came out and supported us. Thank you all for doing this!
The day of the walk was fun, we were able to see so many people that we love. I was able to see one of my friends who's son lost his fight. I have not seen her since before who son passed, and it was so touching to see that she came up with the courage to come so soon after. It was so good to see her, and I love you.
There were so many people there, they had over 1400 walkers. The walk was only 1.5 miles but it was a very slow pace because of all the people. I will continue to do this every year that I can. Because of what Aubree went through I know there needs to be more research done and improvement to treatments for these kids!

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