Thursday, July 28, 2011

A phone call.....

We got a phone call from the Doctors yesterday. I didnt get the phone so they left a message. This is nothing abnormal, Aubree was seen in clinic on Tuesday and they are always adjusting her rejection drug level. When I listened to the message I started to get worried, all they said was to call them back.
I got a call from them today and was told that we needed to stop her steroid, she still had one week left on it. We were also told that her rejection drug level was low but they wanted it to stay there. They want all this because they want to retest her bone marrow. Her last biopsy showed some questionable cells and they want to see what will happen when they take her off some of these medications that are suppressing her immune system. The hope is that Nelson's bone marrow will take care of all these questionable cells and she will get a clean bill of health.
Its a little unnerving because when we talked to them about the results they said if they were worried they would push her to get off her drugs a little faster, isnt that what they are doing now? So we are hope that her tests will come back clean this next time and we wont have anything to worry about!


  1. So stressful! I hate the wait and worry and wonder! I'm so sorry you are going through more of the not knowing. I hope it all comes out clean and good!

  2. Autumn, I'm sorry you're having the "what ifs". I hope you can sleep well and that you get good results. We'll be praying for you guys.

  3. When are they doing the biopsy?

  4. oh, gees. i'm sorry aubree - no matter how it turns out, this has just got to have you guys on such a roller coaster. we're praying for aubree and anxiously awaiting the results.