Monday, December 27, 2010

Here we are back in for round two of chemo, we have actually finished round two of chemo. It was 8 days this time instead of 10, and we feel so lucky, Aubree did awsome. She has yet to have many side affects and feels pretty good. She is back on to a regular sleeping and eating schedule and that makes my life a lot easier. The only thing is that she has a hard time going back to sleep at night when she is woken up so I have spent many nights in the rocking chair because I will fall asleep before she does. Also when she was on chemo there was one that made her blood pressure just go so low, so I had many sleepless nights just laying there listening to make sure that she was still alive. I had visions in my head of her bottoming out and never recovering. I am really tired from it, but it is over this round and sleeping in the rocking chair does help stretch out my neck and help with the tension headaches so maybe its ok that I sleep some part of the night in the chair! HA. We are know in count recovery, her numbers were at 0 today and so we will wait for them to start their climb back up, so we can do it all again. We were told that we are going to have 3 rounds of chemo, I was hoped it would only be 2 since her bone marrow biopsy came back but becaus of her monosomy 7, her mutation of her cancer cell, we will have 3. We will then go to bone marrow transplant. Its so hard playing the waiting game and I wish I could just go home for recovery, but then I would have to play nurse mom, and I didnt do that so well last time. I remembered to give her all of her meds, but I was chaning her central line dressing. When you change it you are suppose to let the alcohol dry on her skin then put the bandage on and I wasnt doing that. Since I didnt do this her skin turned fire man red and was really painful. I am really scared to have to change her dressing agian and have not had to do it yet, but I am sure the nurses are going to make me start doing them again. But at least I will have supervision to help me and I know that I have to let her dry first, so maybe it wont be so bad this next time.
I am doing good, its been really lonely this time around, and not so hectic. Aubree also goes to bed at 6 pm and I have from then till I go to bed by myself. I dont want to wake her up so I dont make phone calls or do anything that makes noise. I do have some friends that are coming back to start their chemo and I am so excited for that because I can go talk to them when I have a minute and that has been really nice. The nurses are really great also, the take pitty on me and take time to talk even though I am sure that they have a million other things that need to get done before they can go home. I have been so impressed with the nursing staff that is here, there has not been one bad nurse yet, ok well maybe one that I didnt like to much, but still a good nurse.
Aubree with her crib all the way up, she is moving so much that we have to put up her crib rails at night so we know she wont get out.

Aubree loves her bumbo and this toy that plays music

This was Christmas day at our house. My Mom and Dad came up and helped out. My Mom did her usuall duty at the hospital so that I could come home and open presents with the other two. They had so much fun! We had a family that did Christmas for us. We felt so blessed to have help this way. They went above and beyond what we could hope or ask for!


  1. I love all the pictures on your blog. So cute! I'm sorry it's been lonely. I'm glad that things seem to be going well for Aubree. I miss seeing you around the court. You guys are awesome - I'm glad you had a good Christmas!

  2. Man, I hope we can come back soon so we can hang out! I love your attitude about all this--really inspiring. Love ya!


  3. Hi Autumn,
    Heather told me about what was happening. Wow! I couldn't believe it! You are amazing. You and your family are in our prayers. Aubree is adorable and your other kids are getting so big.