Thursday, December 23, 2010


Nelson and Aubree hanging out
My "bedroom" and christmas tree

Aubree eating in her crib

We have been in the hospital now for a week, and Aubree has been getting chemo everyday. We have one more day this round, she is done at 6 AM tomorrow morning. Such a nice Christmas present if you ask me! She has been doing amazing this round, it helps that she came in healthy! Her side effects have been hardly none, she has been nauseated but we have been able to control that with three different medications alternating every 2 hours, so I think this has helped for sure. She has not had to be on as much pain medication this time also, we will see as time goes on and different side effects are more prone to show up. Some take over a week to show themselves. Her counts should start to drop and she will loose her energy as her red blood cells die off. Hopefully count recovery goes as well as the chemo portion went. The nurses love her so much around here. She is so happy all the time when they come in and she loves to play with them. I think she gets sick of just having mommy around all day long and wants to look at someone else, even the baby in the mirror is more exciting than mommy!

I have had to start feeding her solids here in the hospital. This is new from the last time, we could barley get her to breastfeed. But how do you get a child to start eating solids in the hospital? Its so weird, we have a bumbo chair with a tray, and we set it in her crib. You also have to fight with the hospital about what she can eat. The feel that children her age should only eat baby food. Aubree wont eat baby food, she wants real food. I think she has an oral aversion to having me put big plastic things in her mouth, so she wants just the food. I have had to fight to get her real food, but we finally made some headway and we are able to get somethings for her to eat. She also gets all of her play time in her crib, with all of her lines she cant do anything on the floor but just lay there, so if she wants to play she has to do it in the crib. I feel bad because its not to big in there and she gets her feet caughting in the rallying all the time. In a few days she should be able to be unhooked from all the pumps and then she will be able to play on the floor. That will be a great day!

The nurse just walked in with Aubree's blood counts and she is on her way down! They dont think that she will need blood till Monday and platelet's for another week. Awsome, hopefully she wont take to long to come back up! Till next time.......

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