Saturday, May 28, 2011

Back to Primary Childrens

Aubree was admitted last night around 1 AM with a fever. If she gets a fever of 100.3 F, you get a bed automatically. So when I took her temp and it was 100.5 I knew that we were going back but we needed to call the Doc's to tell us to go. She had fevers off and on last night but seems to be ok today. She has to go two days without fevers to go home, so if she has no more fevers we could be home by Monday but most likely it will be Tuesday or Wednesday next week. She has not grown anything on her blood cultures so my thoughts are that she has what ever bug Nelson had last week. He had high fevers off and on for two days and then was just fine, so if she follows him we will be back home Tuesday just in time for her birthday on Wednesday!
I was reading somewhere that ranked Primary Children's Oncology as 38th in the nation. But I sure dont feel like they are when I go in. The one good thing about having to go in, is the staff. They are AMAZING! They are so warm in welcoming and I know when we go that Aubree is going to get great care.
My mom was suppose to have this weekend off, she was going to go to a wedding, she got my message this morning that Aubree was back in and came right up to relieve me so that I could go home and sleep. She knew that I hadnt had much sleep. My Dad didnt complain about going to the wedding alone, and freely let her come. I have the best parents in the world. They are so supportive and I would never have made it through this without them.


  1. Your parents really are awesome. So sad Aubree is in the hospital again. I hope you guys get to have some family FUN soon.

    BTW Ella didn't have a fever just a cough, I hope she didn't pass anything to Aubree.

  2. You are blessed to have wonderful support both in your parents and through the staff at PCMC. I hope that the fevers are just a small bug and that you get to come home soon. I will forever remember Aubree's birthday because that was the same day Erin was diagnosed. We will both be celebrating to have beautiful happy living children.