Thursday, May 19, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy

Life with a moving baby is busy. Aubree learned to crawl and loves being able to go where ever she wants and get into everything. She has learned how to turn the DVD player off and on, this makes Nelson and Aundrea sooo happy when they are watching a movie! She has learned where all the big toys are, and crawls into Aundrea's and Nelson's bedroom to play with them. She is just to busy. Half the time she is hooked up to her IV medication so we are playing follow Aubree.

She is still not eating. We are so excited when she will eat 3 cheetos for dinner. I have been able to take her from continous feeds to just feeding her 5 times a day. This does mean that I am up at 2 am feeding her. But I am up at midnight and 2 and 4 and 6 anyway. Not to mention that I cant go to bed till after 10. She is just so busy with everything.

It has been a hard week for me. With the passing of Tanner and Kim, I know I shouldnt but I do wonder why is Aubree blessed to live. Before Aubree was diagnosed I knew that she was going to get sick. I would sit on my couch and think how I would handle being with her in the hospital all the time. What I would do with my other children. I would also see her in a small white casket, but because of the loving mercy of our Heavenly Father that will never happen. And I wonder why, but I am so greatful for the blessing of having her here and getting healther everyday. I dont know how long it will be till she is healed completly or if she ever will be. But I am just so greatful that she is here, and I feel selfish sometimes for it.

I hope that Andrew gets better soon. I went up and saw Lizzie and Andrew earlier this week and it brought back feelings that I never want to be dragged back up. So I hope that he gets better soon, that they can take him home and he can be a happy little busy baby.


  1. Why aren't we walking in the evenings??? Oh - because of the cruddy weather? Ugh. We NEED to get out and then we can talk through the hard things. I am sure that the families of Tanner and Kim would never want you to feel guilty, but I can understand why you go there. Anyway, let's get together.

  2. it is definitely hard to see others in similar situations not being spared when you are and wonder why - i can understand your feelings.

    i am so happy to see those pictures of aubree being a little busy-body. what a beautiful sight! ha, and i laughed about her turning off the DVD player. my baby does that too and it makes elena SO mad! :)

    we pray for aubree and that you will have the strength to keep up with everything!

  3. We are so glad to hear that you are home again! You have a tender heart that cares for others, but only Heavenly Father knows why things happen. Be happy to have Aubree.