Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Aubree in her activity center playing with her favorite toy, a syringe!

Aubree's ANC today has finally dropped to 0. It seemed that it took forever, and I wasnt sure it was going to happen. It may not be a bad thing because she is suppose to start coming up soon, so her numbers may have protected her from getting to sick. She does have a little cold, but it doesnt seem to be getting worse and we hope it stays that way. The bone marrow doc's came by today finally and that was good, I was able to get some answers to my questions. But it seems that when her numbers are at 500 they want to start the chemo for transplant 2 weeks after. They dont want to go much after that so it seems that we will be really busy with tests for both Nelson and Aubree along with teaching for Nelson and me. I think we will have a week at home with nothing I hope but it sounds like we will be busy with stuff during our break.

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