Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Doing better

Aubree is doing much better today. She started to play a little and she is eating a little. The antibiotics are kicking in and she should be feeling completely better here in a couple of days. So we are waiting for her numbers to go up and then we can go home. After talking to people about Aubree's situation, I know realize just how bad it was. The Dr kept saying to me, the cultures grew in just 6 hours??. She asked me this a couple of times. I talked to a nurse about this and they said that it usually takes a couple of days for cultures to grow. Also I didn't realize it, since I was delirious from not having any sleep, but she went down hill with in only an hour or two. This was probably because of the fast growing bacteria. I am so grateful for the nurses that we had that night. We had a nurse from the surgical floor who did an amazing job taking care of her, even though she doesn't usually take care of these type of patients. Also our charge nurse did an excellent job on getting the help that was needed that morning. I know this is weird but I am really grateful that PICU was full that morning and so they couldn't send us down for a couple of hours. Because of this they were able to stabilize her in ICS. It worried me to be in PICU because there are so many sick kids there that could have got Aubree sick. I am thankful that we are at a hospital with such excellent nurses and Dr!!


  1. Me too! I'm glad she's doing better today. We're thinking of her and all of you (you, Nelson, Aundrea, Nelson, and Mom).

  2. I am so glad that things are on the up! Thanks so much for the Valentines from your kids! My kids love them and are grateful for cousins. So glad we will see you soon!

  3. Glad to hear things are better. We love you guys and keep you in our prayer always!