Saturday, February 12, 2011


Aubree is doing well, she still is getting fevers on and off. She has gone almost 24 hours without one, and that is really exciting. They did take her off of one antibiotic today that was really hard on the kidneys, so that means she can be taken off fluids during the day. We are hoping that will help appetite and she will start to eat again. She will still nurse but its not a lot, and I worry about weight loss since that seems to be a big thing with the Doc's. We also found out that the bacteria that caused her infection was the bacteria that is found on the skin. Its just crazy that something like that can make her that sick. So hopefully we will go home soon! She still does not have an ANC, but every other number came up so any day she will have one and we hope it shoots up so that we can go home! I am really tired of being at the hospital and I think about the bone marrow transplant and my bum starts to hurt because I know that I am going to spend weeks in the rocking chair holding Aubree! We are told that most likely she be admitted for her transplant on March 1 or 2. Its not set in stone yet but that is what they are looking at. It will be sometime that week. We start Dr appointments for it on Tuesday with Nelson Leland, so its becoming a reality here very fast! We are going to have a fast for both of them on Sunday the 27th of Feb. for anyone that would like to join us!


  1. Of course we will fast for her and Nelson. We love you all and keep you in our prayers daily!

  2. We'll be fasting with you. Glad to hear she's doing pretty well! Lots of love from us Olsens.