Friday, January 7, 2011

Fevers Still

So Aubree still has fevers. We thought for sure that they were gone a couple of days ago but they came back yesterday afternoon and they are still here! We can control them with Tylenol though so that makes it easier for Aubree. She is feeling better, she was up and playing in her crib today. It was so nice to see. They think the fevers could be linked to her fast growth of cells. She shot up to 1000 for her ANC. That is high enough to start chemo again! They said they would know if it was because she would stop having fevers in 48 hours. So they should go away by Sunday.
She had an echo cardiogram done yesterday to see if there was a blood clot on the end of her line that was throwing pieces into her lungs and that was what the spots in her lungs were. But it wasnt. It was funny, the nurse came in and said ok we are ready to go down to echo, and I looked at her like, lady you got the wrong room we dont have and echo. She could tell I had no idea what was going on. No one decided to inform us of the echo. But I didnt feel as bad when I found out that the nurses had been left out of the loop also. We almost had that happen to us tomorrow, they have scheduled a follow up CT scan for her, the nurse thought the resident was coming in to tell me, but she didnt. Guess it was a good thing the nurse was looking over her shoulder when she wrote the order! So they are doing a follow up CT scan tomorrow to see what the spots in her lungs are doing. With her ANC so high her body should be attacking those spots and doing something with them. They hope to get some more insight on what is going on. If the spots are still there she will go into surgery on Monday to have a biopsy taken. This does not sound fun at all. In order to get a biopsy of her lung they have to collapse it. They will put in a breathing tube into the other lung so she is still breathing while they do it. She might be to small to use a scope so they would have to make an incision where they would be getting the biopsy and use a rib spreader to get access to the lung. I am really hoping that the spots are gone tomorrow so that we dont have to go through that. I think that would be really hard on Aubree's little body. Also that means we would stay here for a guaranteed 5 more days for recovery from that. And then it would be time for her third round of chemo. Maybe they will just keep us here and not have us go home at all!


  1. Oh my gosh how stressful is that! You are handling everything with such grace, and good for you for questioning their game plan. It's important--the other day, they almost gave Andrew Mikhail's medication (they're both 6 month-old males with AML, so I can understand the confusion). Hey good job on the count recovery, though. Way to go Aubree!

  2. I'm guessing they would have figured it out by now because it is just a strep germ, but scarlet fever has been going around our complex like crazy a few weeks ago. Any chance that is what is causing the fevers? I guess that doesn't really make sense because it just gets treated with an antibiotic and she's probably had plenty of those... Wish I could help! You guys are amazing. Love you and miss you. Can't wait until all of this is behind you and we are back to warm weather and we can resume our evening walks!!!

  3. Ugh! The biopsy is a HUGE thing. I really really hope they don't have to do it. They continually told me that they would have to do one, but we never did and I am so thankful. It is really invasive as you have learned. I'm sure you guys are praying about it all, but don't feel like you have to do the biopsy. You are the mom, and if you need a few more days to hopefully get those nodules to get smaller, you can certainly request that from the doctors.

    And, it is crazy how they sometimes don't tell you about procedures. It seems to be the ECHOs for us too. Two different times I wasn't notified in advance about an ECHO.

  4. Autumn--We will pray that the nodules are gone, gone, gone! Scopes and biopsies are definitely no fun! On the flip side, we found out some answers that helped in Rachel's treatment that they wouldn't have gotten any other way...but it's still not at easy thing. You are an amazing mom. Hope Aubree gets rid of those fevers soon!