Friday, January 21, 2011

Round 3

We are back at the hospital! Aubree feels like she is home. I loved being home and it felt so good to me, but for Aubree she didnt know where she was! It was hard because she always wanted me next to her. By about the time we were ready to come back she was starting to get comfortable. This week we had a bone marrow aspirate, her lumbar puncture, and her CT scan done before coming in. All three tests came back with flying colors. It looks like we are on track to doing the bone marrow transplant after this round. This round of chemo is 5 days with two of the three drugs that she previously had. Both drugs dose has been upped, and one is 10 times as much as she got last time! She seems to be taking it all pretty good, but it doesnt seem to be the chemo part that is hard for her but the count recovery. After reading blogs of older kids and seeing how the feel when there numbers are low, I can see why this would be the hardest part for her. It was hard to come back but we are happy to be here and gettting it done!

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  1. I hope that things continue to go well for her/you! I love hearing that anything is working out "with flying colors"! Yay!