Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Getting Better

Aubree is doing much better today. Her fevers arent so close together anymore and they arent as bad either. We are able to control them with Tylenol and ice packs and they go down pretty quick. They want to put her on a feeding tube and give her breast milk, but Mom and I are trying to get her to take a bottle so she doesnt have to go on a feeding tube. She is to weak to nurse, and so she doenst eat from me. But if she gets eating again she will get her strength back and hopefully she will start to nurse again. It means that I still have to pump and I hate it, but at least I have a hospital pump in my room and that makes it a lot easier! She went down for her CT yesterday and she did really good. They didnt have to sedate her all that much because she had a big dose of morphine right before going, but she still slept all night. Its amazing how much she sleeps. You would think this would make my life easier, but she wont sleep in her crib because she doesnt feel good, so somone has to hold her all the time. But with her getting better she should start to sleep in her crib again.
So about her tests, we will start with the good. Her blood tests show her numbers coming up. Her ANC, the magic number, was up today. It could go down agian tomorrow and then take a week to come up again. Thats what happened last time. But it shows her bone marrow working. She is also making platlets and red blood cells on her own so she wont need any more transfusions this time around. This could also be the reason her fevers are going away.
Her CT came back and it shows nodules in her lungs. They do not think they are viral or bactirial because they arent behaving that way. They do think they are fungal. They are going to do some blood tests and see if they can find out what kind of fungus it is. They can then put her on a medication to help with it. Fungal infections are very serious, the boy next door had his spleen taken out because it was so run over with fungus. I am really nervious about it, but when Aubree got sick my Dad and Nelson gave her a blessing saying that she would get better from what was wrong, and we needed to have faith. So this is what I am doing, I am looking at the positive. They found the infection before it got really bad, and hopefully they will find the right medication to treat it and get rid of it in her body. They also said that because of this, it will change how her treatment will be in the future. I am not sure how yet, I think they want more information on what is going on before they say anything.


  1. Thanks for the constant updates! I am glad they are getting closer to finding out what is causing the fevers! Love you guys! Thanks Mom and Dad for helping so much too!!!!

  2. Oh, I am so sorry they found nodules on her lungs!!! I hope it's not fungus and that the Dr.'s are wrong!!!

    Erin had nodules on her lungs too. In fact, she had them all throughout rounds 2-5 of chemo. But, they were never fungus. They were just nodules sitting there that never turned into anything. She took Caspofungin through her IV for months and it seemed to keep her out of the fungal infections.

    It is so beautiful to have the understanding of the Priesthood and it's power. It must have been a beautiful blessing.

  3. Oh my gosh I was so happy to hear she was feeling better! I'm so sorry about the nodules. Hopefully they're just artifacts of the chemo or something and will go away soon...

    I would totally come visit you, but I'm sick right now and keeping my distance from everybody. Love ya!

  4. Hey you guys,
    I love all the cute pics. Thanks for the updates, we are thinking of you all the time. Know that you are loved and in our prayers. ~Linds
    p.s. I miss seeing you Autumn!