Monday, January 3, 2011

Up and Up???

Aubree's purple foot from really bad circulation
Her red nose from allergic reactions to some of the meds

Looking out the window with Grandma

All of her pumps and meds, she has all of them going multiple times of the day

Her pumps at night, we have our own night lights
All of the lines going into her crib, they are a tangled mess most of the time.

Mom taking her turn sleeping, good thing she is still asleep while I post this!

So we thought that Aubree was on the up and up this morning. We were controlling her fever from going up with the Tylenol, and she was up and playing and feeling pretty good. So good that Mom thought about going home to spend the night. She went back to my house to help out and then she was going to go home. Before doing so she called me to see how things were going. Aubree's fever had come back and she was getting worse. I decided that she needed to come up here and help me again tonight. It was a good thing, Aubree got worse as it got later. Her fever started to spike and her resting heart rate was around 175. She wouldn't let us touch her to move her at all, she would cry out in pain at the littlest movement. It was time for oral meds, and I was waiting for them so she could get her dose of Oxycontin to help with her pain, but I couldn't move her, so I decided to give her morphine so she could take her other pain medication. HA This was a very good thing because the Dr was able to come in and see how much pain she was really in, we also found out that the morphine will take away her acute pain, and the oxy will help with underlying pain. So we have started her on morphine for awhile till we can figure out what is causing all the pain or it looks like it is going away. I am worried about all the medications that she is on, but if she needs them, then she needs them and I will give them to her. With the pain medication I am able to finally get her to sleep in her bed. She wouldnt sleep there before because of all the pain she was having. I feel so bad that it has taken 5 days for me to figure out how much pain she was really in. With the morphine, Oxycontin, and the benadryl in her system she is on oxygen because she is not breathing in deep enough. But this is normal and it doesn hurt her at all to be on it. She is feeling so much better with it though, with fluids, the pain meds and they Tylenol, her heart rate is down to the low 120's and I am so happy about it!

Tomorrow we have been scheduled for a CT scan to scan her whole body. They are going hunting to find a source for the fever. They may not find it, but at least we know she doesnt have something that nothing is being done about. I will let you know what the results of that is. The xray came back normal from yesterday, but that was to be expected because you can really see much on a xray. I also dont know if I mentioned that she is being fed through her IV, she stopped nursing about 6 days ago, and I have been pumping since to keep my milk. I was excited tonight though because she did nurse for a bit after the pain meds, I am wondering if its because of the pain that she stopped eating and is so nauseated. We will see in the afternoon tomorrow, she cant eat in the morning because she might need sedation from the CT.

Aubree's favorite video to watch at the moment, its Aundrea and Nelson dancing. They think that after a movie is over the songs that are played as the credits role are put there to dance to!

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  1. I hope she is doing better today than the latest post! Fevers are No Fun! I'll bet you are so thankful you're at such an awesome hospital! And your Mom IS so awesome to be helping you out SO much! Love you guys, wish I could do more!