Saturday, January 1, 2011

Aubree is still not feeling better today. Her fevers are still very high, and there is nothing that can really be done for them. She is given Tylenol but it only lasts for a couple of hours and its given every six. Today she is on a total of 3 antibiotics, 1 anti-fungal, and 1 anti-viral. They changed her antibiotics to stronger ones also. Yesterday she was given one, but someone down in pharmacy didn't mix it, and she was given saline instead of the drug. They found this out because they tested her blood before and after getting it and there was no drug in her system after. Who ever did this did it for every child getting the drug yesterday. I hate to be that person today!! They dont know for sure what it is but they think its bacterial septic. So that is why they are just giving her so much. They still dont know for sure what it is, they are still waiting for them the results of the cultures. So far they are not growing things but it takes about 2 days to really get results. When and if they do they will then gear a drug more for that. But for right now they aren't going to wait to find out what it is. This is an Aubree sandwich. We went old school last night and we put ice packs on her back and her stomach and a wet wash cloth on her head to cool her off. It did work and whenever she would get to hot, 102* plus we would do this.

This is her when she was awake for about 10 minutes during the night, she really liked the wash clothe on her head because she was so hot with a fever of 103*


  1. Aubree,

    We love you and are praying and fasting for you today!

    Spencer, Amy and family!

  2. Sounds like some really difficult days and nights. I'm so sorry you are dealing with this. We will continue to offer prayers in your behalf!