Sunday, January 9, 2011

We are home!!

We are home!! We came home yesterday and man does it feel good! Aubree and I got almost a full nights sleep with out any interruptions! Aubree went in for her CT scan on Sunday and it came back very good. The nodules were gone or almost gone. So they decided that there was no need for the biopsy. Also they took her off her medications and her fevers went away. So with no biopsy and no fevers they let us go. The only thing that was kind of keeping us there is Aubree is still very nauseated and is having a hard time eating. I think she is also a little confused. With all the tests that she has, she cant eat before any of them. She gets hungry and we wont feed her so she goes to sleep. I can see her doing that here. So I need to work with her on that. But I don't care because we are HOME! We go back a week from Wednesday and I am not looking forward to it, but I will enjoy being home for now!


  1. Yay for home time! I assume your house is still under quarantine. Is there anything we can do for you while you are home? Are you taking classes this semester, or are you able to not worry about that this time around?

  2. Oh Yay! I'm glad you get to sleep in your own bed for a few nights! I'm always thinking about you and little Aubree and your family!