Friday, March 18, 2011

Bad Days

Aubree has not been feeling good the last couple of days. The chemo side effects are really getting to her. The Dr's said that a week after transplant, that would be today, are the worst. So hopefully we are on the up swing with her.
Aubree refused to sleep by herself in her crib, which I understand you feel horrible all you want is that contact to make you feel better. So to help me not to have to sleep in the rocking chair every night I was able to switch out her crib for a bed. Aubree and I sleep in this bed every night, when she gets feeling better we will get the crib back.

Aubree has been throwing up a lot lately, her sores in her mouth and throat produce a lot of mucus and its very thick making it hard to swallow, not to mention how painful it is to swallow with all the sores. We have to suction out her mouth to help her get it all out. She was so tired after that she passed out in my arms while I was waiting to make sure that she was all done.

She does like to play with her suction when she is awake. This is really cute because she will put it in her mouth all on her own making our job so much easier.

With all the cell brake down she is really holding on to fluids. They give her diuretics everyday but she still continues to swell. They are going to try something else today but I am not sure what because I haven't talked to them yet about what is going on, I am still at home.

Here is where they took the bone marrow from Nelson. He is doing good, he is off all his pain medication and just is tired a lot. But this is expected because how much they took from him. He is doing really good. He should be back to 100% here in a couple of weeks.
Thanks everyone for you love and support. It has been a rough couple of days, yesterday was really bad. Aubree's platelets were low and so when she would throw up there was blood also because her sores could not clot off. (she got platelets twice yesterday with more today. They are going to keep a close watch on them and will give them to her as often as she needs them) That was really hard to see and just to see her so sick. I feel like at times I am in pieces with a tiny string holding me all together. But the love that I feel from so many places is what helps that string stay.


  1. Autumn this post just breaks my heart and brings tears to my eyes. Poor little Aubree. Cancer can be so cruel. I hope that she is on the upswing and that the days get easier and easier. Thank you for updating your feelings and including the pictures. It makes it all so much more real.

  2. Thanks for the update. Makes me cry, but I'm really glad you took the time. We're still praying for you. Love you guys!!

  3. Autumn it is heart breaking to hear what you have to go through. I am glad you take the time to update the blog so we know how it is going. Thanks! We love you and keep you in our prayers!

  4. This brings back so many memories of Rachel's transplant, but she was old enough to understand what was going on. I'm so sorry Aubree is having to deal with all of the yucky stuff that comes with transplant. Autumn, you are an amazing mom. You are doing everything you can for her. Keep hanging in there! You are in our prayers always!
    --The Steele family