Monday, March 7, 2011

Chemo Drugs

Erin this one is for you!! I don't have time to figure out your email, Aubree is actually playing in her crib and I know that it wont last long! The drugs that she is on are, the first four days Busulfan, and the last four days it is Cytoxan. She also will get four small doses of methotrexate on days1,3,6,and 11 after transplant to kill any T cells from Nelson.
Lizzie, in theory when breast feeding you can transmit viruses and she would get sick and then put the bone marrow transplant in jeopardy and they could be fatal to her. This was a big help in making the decision, but after I see so many other benefits of doing it. One a bottle really is easier for her to drink from so she is eating a lot better from a bottle then she ever did from me Also it helps me get out more. I am not always freaking out because I am scared my mom has hungry baby on her hands because I took to long to get back. The Docs differ on what they say about breast feeding, the younger doc seems ok with it and the older one is against it. (thats the one I talked to) All in all I am happy with my decision to stop, she got the benefits for a long time, I wished that I could have done it longer, but it has made all out lives easier, and anything that makes Aubrees life easier is better!
Anywhoo there are the answers for today. She seems to be doing good, she is getting mouth sores though, she is drooling and not eating. We started her on pain meds today, her heart rate was up and went down with them so that is an indicator that she was in pain. But all in all it is going good.

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  1. Thanks for answering my question! I am not familiar with the first two chemotherapies, but I know the ALL kids get the Methotrexate. I was just really curious. I am so sorry for all that littel Aubree has to go through.