Friday, March 11, 2011

BMT Birthday

Yesterday was such a great day! It is awesome to know that it is done and that Aubree is on her way out of the hospital and with her battle with leukemia! I am going to let the pictures tell most of the story!

Aubree's second chemo drug made her retain fluids so they had to weigh her night and day, here they are weighing her at night and she never even woke up. HA!

Here Nelson is after we checked into same day surgery. He was not to keen on these pj's, but he put them on for me and then posed! He was so good, he woke up at 5:30 AM to be there on time at 6 AM! After they took us to a big room to weight for him to go back and talk to the Dr's. He was excited because he got to play Mario Cart, so the pj's were worth it! Here we are chillin and waiting.

Nelson had some drugs before going back to the OR, so he got a wagon ride there, they wouldnt let him walk, and its so much more fun than a wheel chair!We couldnt go back to the OR with him, and so here is the line that parents can not cross, the Dr is distracting him so he wont care that we werent going with him!
Bye Nelson!

I went to see Aubree before going home to shower for the day, here she is on the day of her transplant, waiting for her new bone marrow.
Nelson in his tiny bed after surgery.
After he woke up the first thing he asked for was to play Mario Cart, but he settled for a root beer slushy. He loved it and drank almost all of it.Nelson playing with his toys that he got from strangers that had heard about what he was doing. We were so touched that people were so generous to our family.Resting with grandma since we didnt have the Wii yet.We finally got the Wii!He did take a break to play with his cars every once in awhile!Dave our nurse for the day setting things up for the transplantWaiting. We were supposed to start around 3:30, but when we finally did start it was around 5:30.The guy from the U who walked the bone marrow over from the lab.Nelson's bone marrow. Aubree was suppose to get two bags like this. But they divided into two because Nelson's and Aubree's blood type do not match so they didnt want her having a huge reaction to the red blood cells that were left in the bag. As it turns out Nelson had such good bone marrow, if they would have given her both bags it would have been enough for 3 transplants. So they took the second bag and froze it just in case Aubree needs it later on for one reason or another.Hooking her up and starting the transplant. The bone marrow team calls this the patients second birthday. These transplants are life saving, Aubree would have had a 10% survival with out it, and with it her odds jumped up to 90%. We liked them better. Because its a birthday to them they come and give presents to both the donor and the patient. They also sang happy birthday. It was really sweet.Here Nelson is ready to go home, he really was that pale from giving his bone marrow. We have to make sure to feed him iron rich foods, and give him extra iron supplements to help him.His bag of loot of everything he got. He really scored in the toy department!Dave "washing" out the bag making sure that all the bone marrow gets inside Aubree.We are done!! The transplant finished aroun 7:30 at night. We were all exhasted and so happy it was done and able to go to bed! Nelson today, he is really tired but he has grandpa looking out and taking care of him. He also was playing with all his new toys! He loves them so thank you to everyone to gave him things!

Thank you to my parents, we couldnt have done this without your help! Also you will notice that Aundrea is not in any of these pictures. Thank you Amy for taking such good care of her! I never have to worry about her when she is with you and you always take her so willingly whenever we need your help! Thank you so much!

We are so excited to start the next phase. No more chemo but Aubree will be on immunosupressents for over a year. We will still have to be careful and crowd free, but we have Aubree and it is ALL worth it. I would do it for years more if it ment having her here with us. She is really the trooper here and Nelson. They are the two heros of the experience! I am so grateful for them both!


  1. It sounds like everything went really well. I am glad it is over and you are moving on! What a sweet little boy you have. All your family is amazing for helping so much!

  2. I LOVE all your pictures!! Way to go Aubree! And way to go Nelson! I'm so glad you got Dave--he's one of our very favorites. Thanks for the update.

  3. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing all the pictures. It made is so real for me. I am teary reading all about it. I mailed in my cheek swabs today for the bone marrow registry. I am just so thankful that Nelson matched Aubree. I put Aubree's name in the Logan temple today too. LOVE YOU guys!!!!!!!!

  4. What a milestone day - congratulations to you all!

  5. Do you just cry all the time, because I can't seem to get through a single post or picture without a little water leakage of the eyes :) This is just purely wonderful. So happy for your family! I hope you all get a chance to take a break and reconnect and get back to a normal normal!

  6. I'm so happy for Aubree, you, and your family. Thanks for keeping us up-to-date, and for the pictures.
    Love you all! <3

  7. Congratulations! You are an amazing woman comforting a child here and and child there, very impressive. I know it probably doesn't seem like it you are very lucky so have such a beautiful family and supportive family. Way to go Nelson!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET AUBREE!

  8. Autumn, I have tears of joy in my eyes! I am so glad that the procedures went well! Little Nelson is such a trooper. Aubree is so amazing! Love you guys.