Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day +19

Aubree is doing very well, she seems to be getting better every day. Yesterday was exciting because she had an ANC count of 100! To be considered engrafted she has to have an ANC of 500. Today it was 0 again, but other white cells are going up, so her body is just using the nuetrophils that she did have to heal her body. She has started to slowley start eating, which the Docters said would be one of the hardest things to get her to do. With her being so young, they forget that they need to eat after not eating for 3 weeks. Her red blood cells are just barley dropping, and her platelets are going up. She is still on her platelet drip, so hopefully she will be able to come off of that here soon, and just go to platelets every other day for awhile. Platelets are the last cell to start producing after a bone marrow transplant, so she will still need them for awhile. The only thing that is not so good with her is her blood pressure his high. She started on a blood pressure medication yesterday and they are still tweeking it so that her blood pressure will come done. High blood pressure is a side affect of her immune suppresent drug, so as she comes off of it she will be able to come off of her high blood pressure drug also. We are just so pleased with her progress. She still has a long way to go and she is still in pain and is very nauseated but we are on the way up! Thank you for all of you support and love that we have felt during this time, it was defentitly one of the hardest three weeks of my life and the love and prayers were felt and helped me pull through.


  1. YAY! An ANC of 100 yesterday sounds like a total blessing. I bet it will be up again tomorrow. I am SO HAPPY things are looking up. I know that those little steps mean so much.

  2. yeah, so exciting about the 100! that is great! three weeks already - you guys are so strong. hang in there! thanks for the updates!