Sunday, March 6, 2011

Starting to feel it.......

Aubree started the second chemo drug last night. She breezed through the first drug without much problem, but this one seems to really be taking out of her. She is really starting to feel miserable and irritable. The doctors told us that she probably would with this drug and the nurses tell us that it takes the cake of all chemo drugs. I feel so bad for her, she still has three doses left and I hope that she makes it through it without to much more discomfort. I am at the point that I hope she just sleeps because it would be better for her. She is on so many drugs and she's not even sick yet. I cant imagine what her IV pole and her lines will look like here in a couple of days when they have everything on there! Her appetite is really going down so I imagine here in the next week she will be put on TPN, but we will see. We are gearing up for the transplant and Nelson's role this week. Aundrea has a date with her cousin to sleep over for a couple of days and Nelson doesnt know what is coming. At times I feel so guilty for doing this to him, and I hope that he bounces back with out flinching. I am so grateful that Aubree has a match in him. Thank you for all your thoughts of love and prayers. We feel them, I feel them daily!

Aubree in her crib. My mom made these bumper pads for her so that we dont have to worry about her hitting her head when she has not platelet counts! They are really cute. This time around we got a 1960's crib and none of the nurses can work it. We have to have each night nurse come in and figure it out before she goes to bed. But I like the crib because its so big she has a lot of room to move around and play in.
The view from our room! I love it! Its great because I get to look out over the valley and Aubree gets to watch everything that is going on out on the road and in the emergency room parking lot. (its usually very busy).

Aubree looking out the window. I know that this will keep her happy for at least a couple of minutes. This is also a good picture of her broviac line. I have decided that she feels like it is a part of her and she gets upset when the nurses have to come and do anything with it like they were touching her. But she has has it just as long as she didnt have it, so it makes sense.


  1. Those are such sweet pictures of Aubree. Thanks for sharing. We're praying for her and you. We hope this time will go quickly. Let me know if I can do anything. We love you lots!

  2. Oh, I cannot imagine how you must be feeling right now with the upcoming transplant. I'm curious what chemo drug she is on right now. Can you let me know? Good luck! We're praying for you guys.

  3. We wish you the best this week. We have also been praying for little Nelson that he will bounce back quickly. We love you all. Keep us posted!

  4. She sure is a beautiful and strong baby, just like the rest of her family. I hope you do feel how much everyone cares about you and are pulling for you. I'm glad you had some time at home, Sorry we missed you the last thing we want to do is get anyone sick. Hang in there.